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Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen (GNAFF) is the mother umbrella body of all individuals and associations of farmers and fishermen in Ghana

The Association is recognized in Chapter 21, Paragraph 259, Section-b (VI), and Paragraph 260, Section-b (VI), of the national Constitution of Ghana. Executives of the association are elected every 4 years on December 4, at Zonal, District, and Regional and National levels.

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Our incorporated mandate is:
1. To unit all farmers and fishermen in Ghana into one strong organization
2. To act as mouth piece to all farmers and Fishermen in Ghana
3. To solicit for external aid for the Association when Necessary
4. To promote and protect the economic interest of all farmers and Fishermen in Ghana
5. Promote Agriculture and allied Industries
6. To promote the marketing of Agricultural produce of members
7. To promote good relationship between the Association and similar organization of farmers and fishermen in other Countries